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You cannot live as I have lived and not end up like me.

"Elvis is dead, Sinatra is dead, and me I feel also not so good."

My robot brain needs beer.
3 March 1985

Every single cell in the human body replaces itself over a period of seven years. That means there's not even the smallest part of you now that was a part of you seven years ago. Everything is changing.
'arriving' to tardis sound, 'jp', 'protruding bone situations', 1056 dicks, awaiting the doctor, being a nugget, bloody fucking helicopter game, brokeback dance remix, chainsmoking apparently, cheechawcheechaw, daffy individuals, destination: seattle, drinking unicorn giggles, eating at light-speed, eventual ebay victory, feeling jack nasty, gob's chicken impression, going 'ding' at stuff, gyllenhaalics not-so-anonymous, have an adult day, heath's teapot pose, honourary judaism, i am al pacino, i'll handle slime puss, in really poor taste, jack&pilot, kicking out the robot, leeeeeroooy jeeeenkiiins!, m-m-m-my sharona!, major old-school happeners, making macabre displays, mouthing faces, my brokeback script, my life: the musical!, ringringringbananaphone, sarrrsgaarrrd, speed showering, spunky cuddles, talking over films, taste my sad!, the science of awesome, tobias: analrapist, under-desk sweary fingers, unintentionally looking gay, usually half-clothed, x-men pants